Vindictus Game Controller configuration with Antimicro [with Profile]

Hi there! I decided to share my controller config for this wonderful game as the default controller bindings that the game gives you are not that great. I figured out that Antimicro using its input delay timers can map  hotkey’s to the diagonals of the dpad and have them be detected. it also allows for more intensive macro’s but they don’t work as well (use the jump emote at your own peril). Criticism and suggestions for changes are encouraged.
Step 1: Install Antimicro
Step 2: Download my profile for Vindictus (for left handed mousers here) (for right handed mousers here)
Step 3: Run Antimicro as administrator so Vindictus accepts your inputs
Step 4: Load my profile in Antimicro
Step 5: Change your ingame settings to the default mouse mode with these camera settings and an added backslash binding to the zoom function thats normally unbound in game. (seen below)

Step 6: Eyeball the bindings so you know what buttons what.

Step 7: Play the Game! (Note: I play on a preRise update server, I don’t know how my config works post update but I doubt they’ve changed much inputwise)

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