Antimicro vs AntimicroX – Which one is better?

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Best Antimicro settings for Fortnite

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Best Antimicro Configuration for Ghost in the Shell [With Profile]

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Set Selection

A set is a group of button assignments that can be utilized for a mode of operation. Individual sets in a profile can be utilized to provide different controls for various parts of a game. One example would be using one set for normal gameplay and then using a second set for a special command … Read more

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Mouse Settings for AntiMicro

Acceleration Curves Enhanced Precision This mouse curve splits an axis into three different regions. The ranges for each region are 0% – 40%, 40.1% – 80%, and 80.1% – 100%. Depending on how far an axis has been moved, a different form of mouse acceleration is perform. Here is a rough breakdown on the various … Read more

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